Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Update Mac OS X Lion 10.7 GM to 10.7.2

Curious with latest beta update of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 from iMZDL. Thanks to virgin media, even with lowest packages I have, but can get stable 10Mbps download speed. First try http download without any luck only get 1Mbps and will take 1 hour to download 363MB. Switch to torrent with excellent speed, it only takes less than 10 minute to download the update.

This update is requirement to be able run iCloud which will be coming this fall.

Mount the images, and run the installation files.
After restart the notebook

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  1. ^__^ ... sebelumnya maaf mas ucing, saya pikir waktu itu adalah orang lain yang punya video how to yang di youtube .. ^__^ ... ternyata memang mas ucing yang punya, sebelumnya salam kenal

    Pengguna Dell Inspiron 1410
    * GMA X3100 user (ver id 0x000c), sayang di lion ver "c" ini tidak stabil ... T__T